Gas Queen

Ok, let’s be honest, here.  We all pass gas.  According to, “An average person will produce around half a litre of fart gas per day, which roughly translates as 14 farts a day. ” So it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I guess.

But ever since I had a partial hysterectomy 3 1/2 years ago, my farts have become epic.  Especially in bed at night.  Not just more frequent, but loud.  So loud, they can occasionally drown out my husband’s snores. states that:

“Over the last few years, it has become quite apparent that a very common symptom of menopause is bloating in the intestinal tract due to the production of gas.  Recent survey results have found over two-thirds of women experience stomach gas during menopause.”


                                     (National independent survey conducted on behalf of Beano by Market Research Institute)

Here are some changes women (and men) can make to help in the battle against flatulence:

  • If you know you’re going to be eating a notorious gas-producer, like cabbage, broccoli, nuts beans, beer, or soda, then take Beano or another digestive aid with the offender.
  • If you forget the Beano, or don’t have any on hand, then be sure to take a gas-reducer such as Gas-X afterwards.
  • Be kind to yourself and your loved ones.  Don’t stop eating healthy foods to avoid passing gas.  A high fat, high meat diet can cause extremely smelly farts.  And I think most people would prefer loud to smelly any day.

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